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At Baxendale, we have over 20 years’ experience of helping businesses and their owners navigate successful transitions in ownership and leadership of their organisations.

There are a number of succession options available to private businesses in the UK. In our experience, a one-size-fits-all approach to business succession is often unhelpful as every business and business owner is different. We have learned that that the most successful transitions in succession happen when business owners have had the opportunity to explore and appraise all of the succession options available to them. Only then can a bespoke succession plan be prepared that meets the individual needs and objectives of exiting owners and their businesses.

If you are currently exploring options for the succession of your business, we provide a number of articles and thought leadership pieces in the Succession Hub below to provide you with more information as to the options available to you. We identify five succession objectives which are often of fundamental importance to exiting business owners, as well as the three succession options we would suggest if some or all of these five succession objectives are important to business owners.

Our Succession Options Portal is also available as a free tool that provides you with a report to better understand the succession options that may be suitable for you and your business, based on the information you provide us via the Portal.

At Baxendale, we put business owners’ wants and needs at the heart of succession planning. Start a succession journey today.