New: Baxendale Succession Options Review

We are delighted to introduce the Baxendale Succession Options Review for EO Day 2020. This is an innovative new product designed to help business owners find the succession solution that is right for them and their businesses.

We have learned that that the most successful succession transitions occur when: (1) business owners have had an opportunity to explore all of the succession options available to them; and (2) a bespoke succession plan is prepared to meet the individual needs and objectives of exiting owners and their businesses.

Our new product comprises of two elements:

(1) The Baxendale Succession Options Web Portal where we ask business owners to provide us with key information about their business and the individual’s attitude to a number of succession objectives. The questions are targeted, requiring intuitive responses and should not take long to answer. Businesses are welcome to provide as much or as little information as they are comfortable with. The more information they can provide, the more relevant our recommendations will be. The web portal can be found here.

(2) We will analyse the information provided via the Web Portal and prepare a Succession Options Overview report that helps identify the succession solution that is most appropriate for you and your business. The Succession Options Overview:

  1. Summarises your key succession objectives
  2. Identifies the succession option(s) that may be appropriate for you
  3. Outlines the key advantages and disadvantages of each succession option
  4. Can provide an indicative valuation for your business to help add context to your succession discussions
  5. Highlights options for your next steps.

The Baxendale Succession Options Review puts business owners’ wants and needs at the heart of succession planning. Start a succession journey today.

At Baxendale, we have over 20 years’ experience of helping businesses and their owners navigate successful transitions in ownership and leadership of their organisations. We hope that this new product will help businesses achieve even more successful succession outcomes.

Louise Fisher

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