Emily Alston

Senior Manager


Employee Ownership Transition / Change, Governance, Legal Structures, Business Processes

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Emily is an employee ownership consultant and Senior Manager with Baxendale. Emily advises businesses exploring and transitioning into employee ownership, and supports employee owned businesses post-transition.

In a previous role as a Director of an SME manufacturing business, Emily project-managed their move into employee ownership via an Employee Ownership Trust. The move allowed their founder to exit on his own terms and the business to retain its unique ethos and remain in the area in which it was founded.  Inspired by what she had learned about employee ownership, Emily then went on to join the Board of the Employee Ownership Association, working with many other EO businesses and acting as an advocate for employee ownership with businesses, advisers and government.

Emily has experienced employee ownership at work in businesses of all sizes, across all sectors and with many varied ownership structures.  Her experience in the sector enables her to advise on approaches to employee ownership to fit each business and to provide valuable insight into the ways that employee owned businesses can operate in practice.

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