Louise Fisher

Senior Legal Manager


Legal structures, Transition / Change, Family Businesses, Tax

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Louise is an employee ownership consultant and Senior Legal Manager with Baxendale, and an enthusiastic advocate and adviser for EO generally across the UK. Since joining the partnership in 2018, Louise has helped a variety of businesses secure the future ownership of their organisation with a transition to employee ownership. These businesses share the desire to enable employees to build on the legacy created by the founder or founder team and to give employees a voice in the future direction of the business and a stake in the profits they help to create.

Louise has worked with businesses that have small, close-knit teams and those with over 100 employees based across the UK. She has helped structure and implement transitions for businesses in the professional services sector, care for the elderly, executive search and the technology sector, among others. Louise’s background as a corporate lawyer and family business consultant enables her to create succession solutions that are right for each individual business – whether that’s enabling the transfer of 100% of the shares to an employee ownership trust, creating tax efficient employee share schemes or structuring the transition to allow founders to retain a minority shareholding in the business.

Louise has become an employee owner at Baxendale for the first time, and having experienced the many benefits of employee ownership she is passionate about helping others to do the same.

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